Safely Block Google Ads 7,8 & 10

Unwanted advertising can also harm the advertisers themselves, if users become annoyed by the ads. Irritated users might make a conscious effort to avoid the goods and services of firms which are using annoying “pop-up” ads which block the Internet content the user is trying to view.

Ads are everywhere on the web. They’re not only annoying, but they’re used to track you and expose you to malware. The good news is that it’s not that difficult to block most of the advertising you come across by installing a browser extension.

Wrapping Up …

That being said, I use a lot of methods to block ads on different machines and for many different reason’s. The file I have included in here is nothing more then a simple hosts file block that only blocks Google’s ad servers. On 7, 8 and 10 you can include further hosts just word of warning though keep your end file under 4kb or you will experience issues.

Router based blocking

It would also be prudent for me to tell you that if you take these same hosts and input them into your router under “Access Restrictions” all of your devices tablets ect. will block 80% or more ads in Android default Aps. Note: On some devices Tablets, Phones (Android Based) It may say in WiFi Connections “Internet may not be available.”. IGNORE this, It is just google using it’s own adserver as verification that your connected to the internet!