Google Advanced Search

Searching Google for most people is just a basic “where is it?”
Google can do so much more if one asks the right questions.

[operator: query] or [-operator: query]

inurl: query
allinurl: query
intitle: query
allinttle: query
intext: query
allintext: query
query OR query
query AND query
related: query
link: query
define: query
* any word
location: query
phonebook: query
weather: query
sunrise: query
info: query
cache: query
loc: query
daterange: query
source: query
movie: query
stocks: query
map: query
inpostauthor: query
allinpostauthor: query
site: query
linkdomain: query
inposttitle: query
allinanchor: query
blogurl: query
flight: query
presendent year..year
tip calculator
0..60min timer